Wohnen+ Basel

Wohnen+ Basel is a non-profit Verein, formed in 2017 to develop co-housing for the age 50+ international community in Basel.


Our ~20 flats and shared space will located in Westfeld, a new neighborhood currently under construction in the Iselin Quartier. 


 Detailed floor plans and costs are now available. Drop us a line to learn more. 

Design for Connection 

At the heart of our concept is a shift from larger, private dwellings to smaller sustainable units with a common room hub. The shared space will facilitate community within our Verein through both planned and spontaneous social contacts. 

Balance Public and Private 
The individual units will be the members’ private sphere, with traditional amenities, including private kitchen and bathroom. Members balance privacy and community by choosing their own level of engagement. They can plan and manage community activities with their neighbors, such as optional shared meals, meetings, clubs and workdays, as well as parties, lectures, or other events. Participating in this way not only benefits the community, but also helps members to get to know their neighbors. 

Plan for the Future 
We believe that it’s essential to live in a more sustainable manner. This includes living in smaller spaces, sharing resources, greener energy solutions and using public transport. We’re committed to housing solutions that meet this goal. We’re also planning for a time when our mobility might be reduced, and as such it’s important that our housing is centrally located and designed for easy mobility.

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