About Us

Wohnen+ Basel was started in 2017 by a group of people who moved to Basel for work and made it our home.


We share the belief that our lives are improved by places that bring people together and have been inspired by co-housing developments across the world. For more about co-housing, click here.


Wohnen+ Basel is a non-profit organization and we are all volunteers.



Andrew Craven:  I have lived in Switzerland since 2000 and am now a Swiss citizen and at home in my adopted country. My university studies began with a physics baccalaureate in Liverpool, close to where I was born and grew up, and later with an advanced degree in communications in the Chicago area. Since then, most of my professional life has been dedicated to explaining technical concepts to audiences without a technical background. I am concerned that the many people like me who have pursued lives in Switzerland enjoy their senior years with the same dignity and enjoyment as those born in this remarkable country. I feel that the concept of Wohnen+ Basel will help achieve this, and am working to make this exciting new living concept a reality in Basel and elsewhere.


Nancy Gelman: Married with 2 children. Swiss and American national, living in Switzerland since 1998. Worked 13 years as a programmer in NYC in various sectors (insurance, consumer goods, pharma, finance and non-profit), followed by 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry in Basel, the last 12 managing global validated informatics projects. Retired since October 2018. I am excited about the potential of Wohnen+ to provide housing that will enable older adults to remain active, engaged and independent within an international, multi-generational environment.


Claude Sanford: Married with 3 children. American national living in Switzerland since 1996. Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University USA. Served 8 years in the United States Army with one tour in Vietnam, left with the rank of Major.  For the next 38 years I pursued

a career in computer systems, working in the banking, insurance and educational industries.  I worked mainly in the United States and in the United Kingdom up until 1996 when my family and I moved to Switzerland where I continued my computer systems career. Retired in August 2015 at the age of 68.


Ingrid Sanford:  Married with 3 children. Swiss and American national, living in Switzerland since 1996. Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Business Administration from Central Connecticut State University USA.  Worked 15 years in the United States in various industries as a trainer, technical writer and project manager. My career over the last 18 years has been focused on finance, project and portfolio management in the pharma industry in Basel. I am currently still working. 


Both Ingrid and Claude are inspired by the vision of Wohnen+ Basel. Working together to help create a community where older adults in the second half of life can easily stay active and engaged in society is exciting. Avoiding isolation is a key motivator.