Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average rental price?
    While it's still too early to determine with a high level of accuracy, what we can already say is that wohnen&mehr describes the rents as “affordable” and this is in-line with our research. We expect rents to be on par with or slightly below average for a new apartment in this area.
  2. Why aren't the apartments larger?
    Living space includes the common space. By making use of the common space our members will connect with others, have less to maintain and have less of an impact on the environment.
  3. Why is there a minimum occupant threshold?
    This is a requirement of wohnen&mehr. The driver is sustainable living.
  4. What standard amenities will be provided within the apartments?
    Full kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom(s). Most apartments will have private a winter-garden or balcony.
  5. What mix of apartments will there be for Wohnen+Basel at Westfeld?

    2, 2.5 and 3.5 Zimmer

  6.  When will the first apartments be ready for occupancy?

    Currently planned for the second half of 2022.

  7. What is the building standard of the apartments?
    Middle standard
  8. Will the heritage designation for the old Felix-Platter Hospital impact the apartments?
    The heritage designation is primarily as regards the exterior. The interior design will be extensively modified.
  9. The location is very near the airport, what is the noise level?
    This quite subjective. We’ve visited and did not find the noise intrusive, but we recommend that if this is a concern you visit the site and judge for yourself.
  10. The location is on a busy road, will we be disturbed by traffic noise?
    We found it minimal on floors 5, 6 , 7 and 8, where our apartments will be located. As above, we recommend that if this is a concern visit the site and judge for yourself. We have had one Site Visit, and are hoping to organize more. Watch this space!
  11. What if I leave, do I get my money back?
  12. Do I have to be a member of wohnen&mehr to live in Westfeld?
    Yes, however, membership in Wohnen+Basel will automatically confer membership in wohnen&mehr as part of our Verein, which has one vote in the General Meeting.
  13. How stable are the rents, are they subject to fluctuation?
    Normal rent protections apply
  14. Are pets allowed?
    Indoor pets (for example hamsters, budgies) are definitely allowed. w&m has not yet made a decision on cats and dogs. This will be covered in the w&m house rules, due for completion at a later date in 2019.
  15. What is included in the Nebenkosten and what is the average percentage?
    The normal charges, i.e. heat, hot water, maintenance of building and grounds, administrative costs, taxes, fees, etc.. It’s still too early to determine the average percentage of the rent.
  16. Do I have to share meals with other residents?
    Definitely not required! Members choose their own level of engagement.
  17. Must occupants be Swiss citizens?
  18. Are occupants allowed to upgrade the amenities?
    Normal rent rules apply. As for upgrades during the build, we are discussing with wohnen&mehr some upgrades which would apply to all of the Wohnen+Basel apartments.
  19. How eco-friendly are the apartments?
    Very eco-friendly! The site will be built to low-energy-consumption standards, with geothermal heating, photocells on the roof, Mobility Cars on-site, Tram stop “Im Westfeld”, etc..
  20. What shops and businesses will be located at Westfeld?
    Groceries, cafés, Fitness, Felix Platter-Spital, bike repair (planned), Kita, Medical offices.
  21. Can I have a car?
    Yes. In addition, a limited number of parking spaces will be available to rent.
  22. When can a Wohnen+Basel apartment be reserved?
    When designs are complete and costs can be estimated to somewhere in the range of +/- 10%. We anticipate that this will be in the second half of this year.
  23. When was Wohnen+Basel formed?
    We started work on this project in January 2017, and are now a Verein.
  24. What are the bylaws for Wohnen+Basel?
    The bylaws will be made available before we start to accept members (~mid-year).
  25. What are my rights as a member of the Wohnen+Basel community?
    The right to rent an apartment, use of the W+B common space, participate in W+B activities, use of the w&m common space, decisions regarding W+B (one vote per household).
  26. Are there other co-housing projects in Basel?
    We are not aware of any other co-housing projects in Basel for the International community.