If you look up a definition of co-housing, you will find something like this:

A community of private homes clustered around shared space. Homes have all the traditional amenities you would expect, including private kitchens, bathrooms and living space. The shared spaces typically include a kitchen and dining area,  laundry, hobby rooms and recreational spaces. Neighbours decide for themselves how to use these spaces, and what sort of activities to have there: meals, film and TV sports evenings, parties and clubs of various kinds. 


At its heart, co-housing is a place where residents choose their own balance of  privacy and level of neighbourly  engagement, cultivating a culture of  sharing, caring, and a commitment to all. Research shows that a sense of community enhances and prolongs life. Co-housing developments are non-profit, and residents are empowered to take  decisions based on a consensus of how the community operates. Wohnen+ Basel is committed to making this a reality.


Check out this YouTube video on a co-housing project in the north of England.


Learn about two co-housing communities in Stockholm:  Fardknappen and K9