Public Meetings

We already have a long list of people interested in becoming part of Wohnen+ Basel, and it was to meet them in person for an update that we held our first information meeting last month at Centrepoint in Basel. Despite the cold, there was standing room only.


With the aid of site images and graphics, we described the current status of our collaboration with the housing cooperative, wohnen&mehr, to create our new 50+  housing project. They are helping us to develop a community of some 20 apartments on the new Westfeld site next to Kannenfeld Park. With a scheduled move-in date of 2022, the Westfeld development will be a Quartier im Quartier, and will include some 500 apartments, as well as indoor and outdoor meeting spaces, cafés, small shops and other features that go together to make a thriving neighbourhood. Our group of apartments, with all-round views of the region, will include thoughtfully-designed common spaces to promote engagement within and beyond our own community.


The presentation contained as much information as we have available to date. Also, it proved an ideal opportunity to collect questions and helpful points suggested by the evening’s participants. Check out  our FAQ page to see the list of these questions, plus answers.


We made a special point of collecting  feedback and it appears that the information was  appreciated: people feel better informed about taking decisions about where they might want to live in the next few years. The Information Evening proved highly  popular, with the audience appreciative if the  detail available. However, not everyone could make the meeting. So, for them, as well as anybody else interested in our project, get in touch to reserve a place at our next meeting. You can find more information on our Home page. To register, write to us at: