Westfeld: Design & Architecture

As well as ensuring compliance with all building and safety regulations, the Westfeld renovation needs to be a pleasant and affordable place, where people can enjoy their homes. To achieve all of these requirements, in 2017 wohnen&mehr launched an architectural competition encompassing the entire square-shaped 35,000 m2 that is Westfeld. 


Of the firms that submitted ideas for the competition, 31 were organised into six teams to come up with detailed plans. Among other criteria, these teams had to answer the questions: What should a useful green and spacious concept for the entire area look like? How could we develop a site that moves from traditional closed-in concrete blocks to open, green spaces, while creating a clearly identifiable city district that fits comfortably within the Hegenheim Quartier?


In March 2018 the review panel announced the winners: The Zurich company Müller Sigrist Architekten and Rapp Architekten of Basel. The unanimous decision noted the plans’ atmospheric architectural language, allowing the transformation of the hospital building into a vertical village while retaining its listed, external features.


An architect’s model showing initial layout suggestions for the renovated building is now on display in the Swiss Architecture Museum. Address: Steinenberg 7, Basel.