Wohnen+ Basel Open for Membership

We are delighted to announce that from June 3 2019 Wohnen+ Basel will be open for membership. 


Two membership events are currently scheduled for the 3rd and 18th of June. 


Starting at 5.00 p.m., both of these two-hour meetings will take place at the main offices of wohnen&mehr, Im Westfeld 2, opposite the No. 3 tram stop of the same name. 


At these meetings we will go into detail about the locations of apartments, timings and costs, while Claudio Paulin, Head of Operations at wohnen&mehr, will describe plans for the development of the entire 35,000 sq.m. Westfeld community. Most importantly, on June 3 and thereafter, new members can sign up and reserve the apartment of their choice from the more than 20 that are on offer. 


Please drop us an email if you plan to attend. Let us know which date you prefer, and how many seats you would like to reserve.


As well as these two events, we will also be hosting a Westfeld Drop-In Day at the same location. No need to book a seat; just feel free to join us for coffee and a chat between 10.00 and 16:00 on the 15th of June. As well as giving prospective members an additional opportunity to join and reserve an apartment, the Wohnen+ Basel project team will be on hand to answer questions and provide more information about the project.  



To get to Im Westfeld 2: 


 - Tram 3 to Im Westfeld
 - Bus 36 to Felix Platter-Spital

- Bus 31 to Strassburgerallee


If you have any trouble finding the offices, call us at
+41 79 865 83 54.